about me



Travel history – Grew up in Melbourne, Kolkata- India and Sao Paolo- Brazil. I have travelled every five years or so since then. Lived in Amsterdam, New York, London and travelled the middle east in my twenties.

Study history – Dropped out of school year eleven. Now have four degrees in Fine Art. BFA photography from Prahran, Post Grad Dip in Film at Swinburne, MFA from RMIT and just completed a PhD at Monash. Why so much study? I thought I would teach. I headed the Photography department for a friend on leave for two semesters at Monash Uni in Gippsland and loved it so thought I would get my Masters and pursue teaching. I was offered a job in the department while doing my MFA and so my plan was going well but found the politics stifling so gave up teaching for good.

Work history – I have been an exhibiting artist for twenty two years. Currently turning my hand to other things. Designing and building two houses and developing the studio for be&be.

If your interested my PhD explores the concept of disappearing. It was inspired by an experience teaching blind children photography. When I addressed the class of six students I began to cognise how they were seeing/perceiving me without sight. How I existed for them via invisible sensory modes of apprehension. Then I began to disappear. My physical sense of self disintegrated and I floated out into the room with my voice. I had a similar experienced during mediation, so I embarked on a journey to find out what other people identifed as having disappeared. www.nicolaloder.com.au