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There is an abundance of natural bird life that thrives here on the hill including Galahs, Cockatoos, Corella’s, Kookaburra’s, Mopoke owl’s, Wattlebird’s, pardalote’s and others. be&be also has resident animals. Love birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, budgerigars, Sunny my dog and Missy my cat.



Sunny came from the pound so your guess is as good as mine as to her breed or breeds. I think maybe staffy, cattle dog, possibly kelpie or even dingo cross.



Missy, also from the pound, was chosen by the kids. She fights at night and nearly died from one of her war wounds. Her lack of gratitude for my saving her life by emptying my bank account still smarts.



One of the love birds chose us. She broke into the aviary and was flying around with the budgies. I took her to the pet shop who told me she was a Fischer Love Bird and sold me a mate for her. Now we regularly have babies.



After three fox attack I have just made a roof for the chicken coop. The new batch will hopefully live long and happy lives and produce lots of little chicks for us to enjoy.



The rabbits are purebred Dwarf Mini Lops. They live in the aviary with the budgies and so get to have their babies in warrens they dig in the ground, as you can see in the middle picture above. I put a removable lid on this one, so the dirt didn’t cave in, which meant we could hold the babies.



Guinea pigs are born able to run around and they are super cute.



The Budgies now live with the guinea pigs and the rabbits in the aviary, slash menagerie. When in the smaller cage they were prolific breeders. Since moving they have not had a single baby. The love birds were in as well until they tore the wing off a finch and ripped the beak off a budgie. I rang the man who sold them to me who told me they would be fine together and he suggested it was ironic they were called love birds.